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Biological Sciences Graduate Student Affairs Center Staff

The Biological Sciences Graduate Student Affairs Center Staff works closely with applicants to provide information on the graduate programs, disseminate policies and procedures, and overall facilitate the application process.

Once admitted graduate students continue to work with the center staff to ensure that they are progressing in their perspective programs and meeting all deadlines set forth by the university and programs.

Please feel free to stop by our office, 1151 Batchelor Hall, or contact the Student Affairs Officer with any questions or concerns.

Shelia Braggs, Student Affairs Officer
909-787-5913; 800-735-0717; Fax 909-787-5517
Carole Carpenter, Student Affairs Officer
909-787-5688; 800-735-0717; Fax 909-787-5517
Perla Fabelo, Graduate Student Affairs Officer
909-787-4716; 800-735-0717; Fax 909-787-5517
Gladis Herrera-Berkowitz, Student Affairs Officer
909-787-4116; 800-735-0717; Fax 909-787-5517
Kathy Redd, Director/Student Affairs Officer
909-787-5621; 800-735-0717; Fax 909-787-5517

Biomedical Sciences
Cell, Mollecular, and Developmental Biology
Enviromental Toxicology
Evolution and Ecology
Genetics, Genomics, & Bioinfomatics
Plant Biology
Plant Genetics
Plant Pathology
Plant Science


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